How To Sit On A Shooting Stick

How To Sit On A Shooting Stick: Step By Step Guide

You might be fond of doing outdoor sports like golf, shooting, or watching outdoor events but you can’t carry a chair with you practically. 

You need a shooting stick that can help you provide a resting perch anywhere anytime when you feel like sitting without mudding your clothes.

Let’s learn everything about how to sit on a shooting stick including how to pick an ideal shooting stick.

What is a Shooting Stick 

Shooting Stick Opened

A shooting stick is simply a walking stick with a folding chair to sit on it during outdoor events. Shooting stick provides you a quick resting spot during long tiring outdoor events.

Traditionally, a shooting stick was used for shooting or hunting. 

These days shooting sticks are often used at outdoor events like golf, shooting, or watching outdoor sports. You can dig the metal foot of the shooting stick into the ground for support and steadiness. 

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Types of Shooting Stick 

#1. Shooting Stick with Spiked-Tip steel ferrule

Shooting Stick with Spiked-Tip steel ferrule

Shooting stick with spiked-tip steel ferrule is used for soft terrain or hiking. The spiked-tip steel ferrule sinks into the ground for better grip, ideal for soft terrain. 

Spiked tip steel ferrule also provides comfort while using because it absorbs some impact of the stick against the ground.  

Spiked tip steel ferrules also protect the shaft from direct contact with solid ground and increase the stick’s life. 

The Shooting sticks come with three types of spiked-tip steel ferrules –

  • 3/4″
  • 7/8″
  • 1″

#2. Shooting Stick with rubber base ferrule

Shooting Stick with rubber base ferrule

The Shooting Stick comes with rubber ferrule are designed for walking purpose.

Rubber Ferrule provides grip while walking, reduces the chances of slipping, and protects the shaft from coming into direct contact with solid ground. 

Shooting Stick with rubber ferrule is ideal for when walking on uneven terrains or solid surfaces.

You must be aware sitting on the shooting stick, increases the pressure on the ferrule that reduces the lifespan of rubber ferrule.

The diameter fo rubber ferrule is 15mm.

How To Sit On A Shooting Stick

Step #1. Unfold The Shooting Stick

You would find a button lock that is locking both handles of the shooting stick. Unlock that button. You can bifurcate and move both handles in opposite directions. You can unfold them to get a simple leather seat. 

Unfold The Shooting Stick

Step #2. Adjust the Shaft

Unlock the shaft with the rotating knob to adjust the height as per your requirements. Lock the knob after adjusting the height of the shooting stick.

Adjust the Shaft

Step #3. Set The Ferrule On Ground

 Use this seat to sit down and the ferrule on the other end of the shooting stick would offer you a stable resting place. 

You can easily understand how to sit on a shooting stick with the help of the image below.

How to Sit on a shooting stick

How to fold shooting stick seat

Step 1 – Pull out the ferrule from the ground if it’s a soft terrain. 

Step 2 – Adjust the height again if required and lock the rotating knob.

Step 3 – Combine both handles of the stick to fold the seat inside and lock the button. Your shooting stick would work as a walking stick.

How to fold shooting stick seat

How to pick Ideal Shooting Stick 

#1. Comfortable Seat 

Since the shooting stick is used for outdoor events where you have to stand for longer times, a comfortable seat would provide you extra comfort.

You can get a leather seat or even a fabric seat (made of Tweed) that are lightweight. But if you need a comfy padded seat, that may put some additional weight of the stick.

#2. Robust Frame 

Frame of shooting stick decides the longevity of the stick. Because you may have to use the stick on rugged terrain, now a strong frame will easily manage to stay firm when you put your weight on it.

#3. Adjustability 

If your shooting stick provides a height-adjustable shaft, then it would be easy for you to change the hight of this shooting stick as per your requirements. 

#4. Ferrule Type 

Shooting sticks come with 2 types of ferrules – Steel and rubber. 

While steel ferrule provides you steady perch in the ground, on the other hand, rubber ferrule gives you comfortable sitting on hard surfaces.

Some steel ferrules come with a folding ground plate to use on soft ground.

Final Words 

You can choose a shooting stick that suits your needs like if you walk more and usually go to museums, or places where the surface is hard, then go for rubber based ferrule shooting stick.

If you go into countryside terrain, or hiking or even golf matches where you sit for long times, then you need a spiked-tip steel ferrule shooting stick.

Nowadays, you can also get a shooting stick that comes with both ferrules and you can change the ferrule as per your requirements.