Great Britain has an excellent track record of international shooting success, whether at an Olympic, Commonwealth, or European level. 

But the best thing about shooting is that it is not an exclusive sport – and it is a great leveler! Across the country, individuals from all walks of life enjoy a safe and exciting hobby that can be extremely rewarding. 

Shooting is also one of the few sports that offer a genuine opportunity for disabled sportsmen and women to compete on an equal footing to their fellow able-bodied competitors.

Aims of National Shooting Week

  • To provide free opportunities to try Olympic and Paralympic disciplines on a nationwide scale
  • To enable anyone to try shooting for the first time
  • To provide a participation strategy as laid out in the Government’s Charter for Shooting
  • To promote respect for and understanding of legal firearms and airguns

National Shooting Week is an exciting new initiative organized every year by the British Shooting Sports Council, the umbrella body for shooting sports in England.

The website provides everyone with more information for those wishing to enter into the spirit of shooting. Here we bring you all the information related to the shooting sports, favorite sports person, shooting event, equipment involved, merchandise and products. 

Shooting is an exciting and absorbing activity and National Shooting Week gives you the opportunity to try both clay pigeon shooting (with a shotgun) and air rifle shooting. 

You can also find the details of the coaches, personal trainers, courses, and programs offered, details of shooting events, the tickets & passes for the shooting events held year-round.   

Please keep revisiting National Shooting Week during the coming months as more and more information will become available.