Best air rifle for target shooting

11 Best Air Rifle For Target Shooting 2020 (Review & Comparison)

Whether you need a gun to take to the wilds for hunting, or target practice, air rifle are the best ones to serve your purpose.

If you are confused to which rifle you should go for then go through this article as we have shortlisted 11 best air rifle for target shooting.

You would also get a tiny guide to understand the factors that you should consider before buying the air rifle for target shooting.

Best Air Rifle For Target Shooting

#1. Air Arms .177 TX 200

 Air Arms .177 TX 200

The rear adjustable sight gives good accuracy to put on the aim on the target. A great speed of 750 FPS with great muzzling and hits the target quickly.

The corking lever has a special mechanism that does not require you to pump to gain velocity and power. Has a great caliber of .177 caliber pellet. The barrel is fixed and has steel, making it very strong.


  • Fixed barrel 
  • Good corking lever
  • faster speed


  • Heavy design
  • High recoil 

Best for

Good for air target practice, easy to handle.

#2. SMK .177 Mod 15

SMK .177 Mod 15

A good caliber of 177-caliber pellet that gives a great speed of 750 fps in the precise shot. The CO2 powered rifle has a good powerful mechanism you can give 3-4 pumps for greater accuracy.

The stock is made up of durable and synthetic material that has a non-rigid recoil pad that prevents the hun from hitting your shoulder very hard.

A lightweight and easy to handle design with a rotary pellet of 12 shots.

You have an adjustable rear sight and a fiber-optic front sight for good aiming.


  • Fiber optic front sight
  • Synthetic and good quality stock.


  • Chokes up frequently.
  • The safety lock is not good.

Best for

Target practice and shooting possums and rats.

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#3. Crosman .177 1077

Crosman .177 1077

A good speed of .22 Caliber Pellet Rifle and a speed of up to 1200 FPS. A CO2 powered piston has greater release. Has a two-barrel brake piston.

You get a Camouflage Synthetic Stock and a rifle scope of 3-9×32 for better target lock.

You also a two-stage trigger with a steel barrel that is precision riffled. There is a noise suppression technology that reduces excessive noise while firing the shot.


  • CO2 powered piston.
  • Precision rifled barrel.


  • Very heavy
  • Has a huge recoil.

Best for

Target shooting, pest control, and small games.

Best Air Rifle For Shooting Rabbits

#4. SMK .177 XS78

SMK .177 XS78

Great material Monte Carlo wood stock, with a comfortable forearm and a good grip. Has a caliber of 0.177 calibers and a speed of 1200 fps.

You can shoot up to 22 yards with great accuracy.

The receiver, barrel, cocking arm, trigger, trigger guard are made up of high-quality iron that is rustproof and strong.

You can adjust the rear side with the rear side adjustable. There is a safety lock called the anti-bear trap this does not allow cocking even after the trigger is pulled.


  • Anti-bear-trap lock style.
  • Hardwood stock.


  • Makes a lot of noise.
  • Barrel tends to choke up.

Best for

Killing small animals at a good distance as it comes with a good locking system.

#5. Umarex .177 Ruger 10/22

Umarex .177 Ruger 10/22

Good quality stock made up of polymeric ambidextrous stock. The caliber is .177 cal. (4.5 mm) BB or pellet. The rifle has a muzzle velocity of 750 fps. 

The power provision is due to the CO2 power, giving the shot exceptional power.

You will have an adjustable rear sight, a fiber optic front sight, and the rifled steel barrel in the front.


  • Can load up to 50 bb pellets.
  • Fiber optic front sight.


  • Requires frequent oiling.
  • The trigger is very tough to pull.

Best for

Small and big hunting games.

#6. Cometa .22 100

Cometa .22 100

Hardwood tough and durable stock that has a comfortable grip. The thumbhole is comfortable and smooth. The caliber of 4.5 mm and a speed of 400.

The Spring-powered gives good power and velocity to the bullet.

You also get with 200 pellets. The barrel is made up of good quality iron.


  • Durable and tough design.
  • 200 pellets free.


  • Cannot mount an optic mount.
  • Lock up is a little sloppy.

Best for

Beginners hunting small animals like rabbits.

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Best Air Rifle For Shooting Rats

#7. Gamo .177 Cadet (Air Rifle)

 Gamo .177 Cadet (Air Rifle)

A single cocking breaking barrel with a caliber of .22 cal pellet and a speed of 1020 fps. A powerful shot that is quiet, IGT MACH 1 gas piston that gives high muzzle velocity, less vibration, and smoother cocking.

You get less noise due to Whisper Fusion technology.

The air scope is 3-9×40 scope with RRR (Recoil Reducing Rail), this is a technology that will reduce recoil and absorb it after to increase the lifespan of scope.

You can independently adjust 1st and 2nd stages, adjust your trigger to your personal preference, because of the custom action trigger feature.

The stock is made up of wood stock that is weatherproof and comfortable.


  • Smooth cocking 
  • Less noise.


  • The whisper is not as quiet as advertised
  • The optical mount is not very accurate

Best for

Small prey hunting with a good caliber and faster speed. 



A CO2 powered, air rifle with a CO2 barrel for pressure building and providing good velocity. The caliber is .22 caliber, the speed is 550 fps.

You can easily use the bolt action, with a flexible thumb trigger.

The cross bolt provides a good safety lock. The dovetail is long enough to mount the optical gear. Has a Monte Carlo wood stock that is tough durable and gives a good grip.


  • Cross bolt gives good safety.
  • The Dovetail is long enough to mount optic gear.
  • Provision of a good round front sight. 


  • Caliber and speed are less.
  • CO2 leaks out easily.

Best for

Good for shooting rats and small prey.

Best Air rifle For Shooting Pigeons

#9. Umarex .177 (BB) Legends Cowboy Gun

Umarex .177 (BB) Legends Cowboy Gun

A fixed barrel and cork with underdrew makes it a good german design. Lightweight, durable construction that has a hardwood tock pellet.

You can mount your optic mounting as it has an integrated dovetail of 11mm this makes it more accurate.

The under-lever cocking mechanism provides good leverage while cocking the airgun, resulting in less cocking effort.

The loading of pellets is easy to use from the top side with beechwood checkering giving it a good grip.


  • 11mm dovetail for optic mounting
  • A caliber of .22 caliber pellets and a speed up to 1000 fps


  • The pins used in the cocking mechanism are weak 

Best for

Hunting pigeons as well as small animals, it has a good mechanism and a good grip.



A well designed lightweight, easy to handle, and durable design. The Eiffel offers very low recoil and has a comfortable thumbhole.

A well-balanced gun with a short LOP of 12.5 inches and a 24 inches barrel makes it a good choice.

You get a gas-powered gun that has an SA-20 vent that helps in releasing excess gas reducing the recoil. A sports choke set of 5 that helps in tightening the spread of the shot.


  • Lightweight
  • Balanced gun with 5 sport set choke.
  • Weighs up to 6.25 lbs.


  • The bolt release button is very tight.
  • The recoil pad is stiff.

Best for

Shooting birds, due to its very balanced structure.

#11. Crosman .177 and 4.5 mm BBs M4-177

Crosman .177 and 4.5 mm BBs M4-177

The Winchester 77XS has a multi-pump pneumatic power. The air rifle has a caliber of .177 Cal and a speed of 800 fps that is good for shooting birds.

The length of the rifle is  37.6″ and Weight is  3.1 lbs, lightweight design for getting a better shot. The barrel is made up of steel and is of good quality. 

You can have a rifle scope of 4 X 32. Comes with a 50 round BB, which is a single shot pellet.

You can gain more power and velocity by just pumping 3-10 times.


  • Relaxing a supporting thumbhole.
  • Lightweight.


  • The BB’s are pretty inaccurate after 30ft.
  • Pellets might jam during the loading.

Best for

Shooting small birds and lazy hunting adventure.

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Things To Consider While Buying Best Air Rifle For Target Shooting

#1. FPS and caliber

Check for the feet per second rate that the gun offers as it depends on how fast the bullet is released and how fast you can kill your prey. Always go for an air rifle with FPS of up to 500-1000 range.

The caliber is the diameter of the bore of the rifle, the size of the bullet depends on this, it also specifies the length of the gun with respect to the interior a rifle should have a caliber of .177 caliber approximately or more.

#2. Weight

The gun should not be heavy or else it becomes hard to handle and carry your arms might start paining after shooting just for a while.

If the weight is a lot then the recoil is also more this can harm your hand as well as your shoulder. So prefer a lightweight rifle.

#3. Maintenance

The gun should not require frequent oiling or should not choke up a lot as this can be dangerous as well as tiresome. The gun should be properly cleaned at least between 3-4 months with rapper oiling.

#4. Power

The spring-powered rifle derives its power to shoot the pellet from pressing the internal spring and sucking the air. Such rifles are cost-efficient, easy to control and robust.

Prefer spring-powered rifles as these are less dangerous and controllable. You can power CO2 powered guns also as they reduce corking.


SMK .177 XS78, is a safe gun with an anti-bear trap that gives you good safety, best for small prey, and pest control.

Crosman .177 and 4.5 mm BBs M4-177, is the best lightweight rifle that gives you a good angle for bird shooting.

Gamo .177 Cadet (Air Rifle), is a good smooth cocking and less noise producing rifle.